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Presale Car Detailing Package

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What's Included: 

  1.  Antibacterial Extraction Shampoo Vacuum on your Seats & Carpet.

  2.  Machine Cut & Polish to your Paint Work.

  3. Fine Scratches & Swirl Removal from your Paintwork.

  4. Faded Headlight Restoration Polish.

  5. Snow Foam Shampoo Wash & Wax.

  6. Detail Rims & Wheel Arches.

  7. High Air Pressure Interior Clean (Dust Removal.

  8. Detail Dashboard & Condition Plastic.

  9. Detail Console & Condition Plastic.

  10. Detail your Doors & Inserts.

  11. Shine & Condition All Door Rubbers & Plastics.

  12. Leather Conditioning.

  13. Detail & Disinfect your Interior Roof.

  14. Pet Hair Removal from Seats & Carpet.

  15. Spots & Stains Removal.

  16. Odour Removal to a High Hygienic Standard.

  17. Fabric Protection.

  18. Detail your Mats.

  19. Antibacterial Fragrance.

  20. Hight Water Pressure Clean.

  21. Chamois Hand Dry followed by High Air Pressure Dry Clean.

  22. Clay Bar Treatment (As required).

  23. Bugs on Bumper Removal.

  24. Bore Water Marks Removal.

  25. Road Tar Removal.

  26. Showroom Hand Polish.

  27. Shine & Condition all Exterior Plastics.

  28. Shine your Tyres.

  29. Clean all your Windows & Mirrors.

  30. Detail your Boot.

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